3 Places by Guadalajara to experience extreme adventures


Strengthen your arms and legs to take on surprising natural challenges, but also prepare your throat for a good shot of tequila.

The capital of Jalisco is just the ideal pretext to get closer to three natural places, with all the intention that you experience extreme adventure near Guadalajara, where fun is the main ingredient in the next journey. So take note, because the city is surrounded by completely natural enclosures, where activities have no limits. 

What are the extreme adventure destinations near Guadalajara?

Lake Chapala

Travel 25 minutes from the Guadalajara International Airport, to arrive at this wonderful place, where you can board a kayak and explore its waters, while you contemplate the landscape and bird watching. 

Complement this visit with the exploration of the vestiges of pre-Hispanic towns and in different gastronomic spaces, so that you discover the traditional cuisine of Lake Chapala, such as the michi broth that is prepared with the typical fish of the region.


The extreme adventure in Guadalajara brings you closer to this Magical Town of Jalisco -about 45 minutes-, to arrive at Los Azules, where you will start the journey between agave fields, which lead you to the encounter with three canyons, each one shows different heights and level of difficulty, but the one that he calls dry is ideal for abseiling for the first time.

If you think you are ready to face the more difficult canyons, then let the challenge begin, because these, unlike the first, require more effort, feeling the power with which the water falls from their waterfalls. In the end, you will end up exhausted, but you will regain energy with a couple of shots of tequila, this is how extreme adventure is lived near Guadalajara.


It is the last extreme adventure option near Guadalajara. This paradisiacal place is surrounded by mountains and cliffs, which you can access through hiking. The tour starts with half an hour of walking until reaching its first pool, ideal for a good dip. 

Now you will have to put on the climber’s shirt, to reach the second pool, swimming in it requires a great jump of 10 meters in height. It ends at the third pool, which thanks to its shallow depth allows you to relax from this strenuous journey. With this destination, we conclude our extreme adventure tour near Guadalajara. 

Source: mexicotravelchannel.com.mx

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