I want to live in Mexico. How much money do I need?


By Tangerine Travels

Can you afford to live in Mexico on a budget? This is how much money you need per month to live in Mexico and also how much it costs to live here legally.

In today’s video, Jordan will cover 4 topics on the cost of living in Mexico:

– The bare minimum amount of money you need to live in Mexico

– The minimum wage in Mexico and how much Mexicans make in various careers

– The ideal budget for living a comfortable life in Mexico in 2021

– How much you need to get legal residency in Mexico (temporary or permanent)

If you’ve been wondering whether your social security check will cover your monthly living expenses in Mexico, this video is for you. Jordan will break down a minimalist budget for living cheap in Mexico, comparing that to the minimum wage and average salaries in the country, and explaining whether it’s possible to get TR or PR (Temporary Residency or Permanent Residency) on a small budget.

ABOUT US We are Jordan, Maddie, & Laska the husky. In January of 2018, we packed up our tangerine-colored car and left the US to start traveling Mexico. Since then, we’ve been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we encounter while traveling the world. Become one of the “Tangerine Elite” by binge-watching our videos from the beginning: https://goo.gl/kMGKSA

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