TULUM dumping untreated sewage waste into subsoil contaminating cenotes (video)



Tulum sewage treatment plant closes down

The closure is the result of a complaint of spillage of gray and black liquid

The Tulum Ecology Directorate closed the Bicentenario wastewater treatment plant, where a spill of sewage was detected and reported; Profepa is doing the corresponding verifications.

The case was reported on social networks by netizens who captured a pipe throwing gray and black water into the subsoil, next to the same wastewater treatment plant of the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA) in Tulum, located four kilometers from the municipal seat, heading for Cobá.

May be an image of body of water

The complainants asked the community to make this act viral and accuse it, of the contamination of the jungle, the subsoil and the cenotes.

“They are contravening all the laws of ecology in the municipality, state, and federation, pipes are caught throwing their sewage into the water table,” read the images that were released by citizens, who demand that the authorities impose a sanction on people who perform this action.

Faced with this situation, Víctor Angulo Canto, CAPA manager in Tulum was sought, who stated that the event that occurred on Tuesday, where the irregular discharge is seen, so far they have not had a formal complaint with that office, but they are doing the corresponding inquiries.

Photo: Miguel Améndola

He commented that there are certain stagnations at the plant that were caused by the passage of Hurricane Grace, but they are making the corresponding inquiries to proceed in accordance with the laws and assign responsibilities to whoever corresponds.

“The treatment plant must maintain good security and conservation of the ecological impact and if they made some deviations outside the procedure, responsibilities will be established on the responsible person or persons who have participated,” said the official.

Meanwhile, Edgar Castro, head of the Municipal Ecology Directorate, declared that before a citizen complaint they acted by placing stamps and this case was already channeled to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), where the inspectors are doing the corresponding procedures and they will determine what procedure is warranted

Source: poresto.net, lajornadamaya.mx

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