State government seeks to prevent same-sex marriages in Sonora


On Thursday, August 19, the Government of Sonora challenged the sentence of the Thirteenth District Judge in the State of Sonora that favors equal marriage through an injunction, with which same-sex couples could legally marry.

Through the State Legal Counsel, this challenge was promoted so that homosexual couples cannot marry in Sonora.

The resolution issued by the Thirteenth District Judge of Sonora orders the modification of articles 2, 11, and 102 of the State Family Code, in order to guarantee compliance with rights and principles such as equality and non-discrimination.

However, the challenge of the government headed by Claudia Pavlovich Arellano requests to revoke this sentence and instead issue another one where protection is denied to the complaining parties as well as the protection of the Federal Justice.

The organization Human Rights Project, through Twitter, announced the challenge made by the legal department of the Sonoran government, for which it stated that they will continue to seek respect for people’s Human Rights.

“The truth is that this does not end here, we will continue to defend the human rights of all people,” says the group, which since 2020 has promoted the recognition of this right through the local Congress and the state government.

This means that the current government of Sonora seeks that same-sex couples cannot resort to an injunction to legally marry in Sonora.

It should be remembered that LGBT groups have demanded that the State Congress approve the Equal Marriage initiative so that they can get married without having to resort to an injunction, as they have been doing in recent years.

Source: El Sol de Sonora

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