Mazatlan cruise passengers “revive” the economy of merchants in the Golden Zone & Pueblos Señoriales


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In the Golden Zone, merchants expect the economic reactivation to reach one hundred percent with the arrival of the first cruise of the season, the Carnival Panorama to Mazatlán, after more than a year and a half without having this activity in force at the port, declared Julio Enrique Silva Osorio

The president of the Golden Zone Merchants Union mentioned that this favors the economy of the port, since, with everything and the weekly arrival of tourists by road or by plane, it is the cruise passengers who leave a greater economic spill for the spending they make in stores.

The Cathedral, Plazuela República and the market are the first places that cruise passengers visit

Nancy Espinoza likes to visit the boardwalk, the market to buy ‘souvenirs’, the typical food and above all, listen to the tambora from Sinaloa.

The attractions of the first picture of the city are undoubtedly the main places that tourists who arrive at the port in boats with visitors from other nationalities initially visit.

They are the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Plazuela República, and the municipal market, José María Pino Suárez, where passers-by take the first photographs of their memories.

25 08 21 Tourists visit downtown Mazatlán

Some fervent Catholics even hear mass, others who like to feed the pigeons, or there are those who buy souvenirs in the market to take to their families or friends.

Nancy N, is a resident of Los Angeles, California, and visits the port every year, however this year she is in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic so everything will be different.

25 08 21 Tourists visit downtown Mazatlán

“It is a different experience, we have to be with the mask and everything, but still and we like it a lot,”.

The places he likes to visit the most are the boardwalk, the market to buy souvenirs, typical food, and above all, listen to the Tambora from Sinaloa.

25 08 21 Tourists visit downtown Mazatlán

For this cruise season that practically begins the second semester of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 57 arrivals are expected that begin this August 25 to December, according to information from the Secretary of Economic Development Tourism and Fisheries of the Mazatlán City Council, Luis Terán Tirado.

 Cruceristas disfrutan de los atractivos de Mazatlán

“With a cruise in Mazatlán, the activity moves one hundred percent, they come from 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon, but the economic spill that you can see the example of what you see here at this moment, from 6:00 in the morning and there are people here anxiously waiting for a cruise, that from today and later every week, we are going to have that boat ”.

Silva Osorio, pointed out that this is going to change the course of the commercial activity in the sector, this after several months without receiving this type of tourists and that once again they return to the port of Mazatlá n, now with a new face for the remodeling that has been done to important roads such as Camarón Sábalo avenue and Gaviotas avenue.

Pueblo Señoriales “Stately towns” also benefit from the arrival of cruises to Mazatlan

The places they will visit are El Quelite, Sierra Madre, Malpica, Concordia, La Noria, Copala, including adventure tourism

Stately towns also benefit from the arrival of cruises to Mazatlan

The start of the cruise season is to reactivate the economy of the port’s merchants and those who will also benefit are those who have the distinctive Pueblo Señorial, as is the case of La Noria and El Quelite, Concordia and Copala, among others. .

Giancarlo Parolari, Tour Operator of Playa Sol Tours, commented that the places they will visit are El Quelite, Sierra Madre, Malpica, Concordia, La Noria, Copala, including adventure tourism.

concordia cathedral

The tourist service provider commented that they will also visit the boardwalk, Isla de la Piedra, Isla de Venados, so in terms of tourist products of excursions, everything is normal.

Quelite lyrics

“They will be able to go out to the city (those who do not go on excursions) obviously with all the regulations that the local authority determines and for the first of September Panorama will arrive again, it is already confirmed,” he said.

He commented that at least for this month there is no other confirmed cruise for Mazatlan, however, as of September the arrival of other ships from other companies is expected for the following months.


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