San Cristobal de Las Casas extortion racket denounced at Sam’s Club parking lot


With the story of “you hit my car with a Sam’s Club cart”, several customers of that commercial store sent testimonies for alleged extortion

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- With the story of “you hit my car with a Sams Club cart”, several clients of that commercial store sent testimonies about two subjects, one dressed in civilian clothes and one from the municipal police, who try to charge him money for a presumed scratch making threats saying he is from Chamula and will call their organization if they are not paid.

In a shared message, a person whose identity is withheld said that last Sunday, August 22, around 7:00 p.m., a subject approached them after having returned a supermarket cart to one of the established places, an individual hit their vehicle with their hand and forced them to descend as they were leaving, arguing that they had scratched their car.

“When leaving the establishment, we put our purchases in the car, and my husband returned the cart from the store, he turned around and crossed before a vehicle that was already withdrawing passed, got into the car, and started the car, two more cars passed, reversed and suddenly an individual who said he was from Chamula, hit the roof in a very violent way and told him to get out and take responsibility for the damage that he had caused to his car, ”he wrote.

After being questioned on the subject, the subject argued that the “shopping cart hit his car and you have to pay me for damages, and after insisting, a person with a municipal police uniform suddenly appeared who argued that they would call municipal traffic, while the other subject insisted that he would call his organization if they did not pay him for damages.

“Out of nowhere a policeman appears and tells us, you can’t leave, I’m going to call traffic police! And we said, but what does traffic have to do with a situation like this? And I told him very annoyed, well, let me call 911 because this is very strange and the man already threatened our safety with his group, they both stood watching, the policeman pretended to use the radio, asking for support, but he had no radio frequency The base did not answer either, nor was there any noise, it was turned off, the motorcycle seemed to be from the municipality but it did not have the official stickers, ”said the victim.

He pointed out that the alleged policeman wanted to get personal data from them, which they refused out of fear, “so when I suspected this was a scam, I told him that it would be me who would call the police, he told us that we could go, that there were no reasons to hold us, while the other subject went to his car and did not come closer or say more, of course, we left with great fear because we know that they are taking money from people and that they use these forms of intimidation to steal”.

After running into a patrol unit, we informed them and went to see their alleged “partner” because the modus operandi of the situation made was strange since at no time had anyone called them by radio, as the subject wanted to make us believe.

They warn of this situation, since they know about the laws and that we were sure of not having hit any car in the transfer of their purchase, but there could be the possibility of other cases since the verbal aggression mode is strong and they ask that in any case, call 911 immediately and in the same way ask the municipal police to protect this area.



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