Mexico and the United States will work on a joint plan in economy and migration


US officials expressed their interest in working with Mexico to advance the management of the migration phenomenon from a regional perspective.

The governments of Mexico and the United States agreed to strengthen cooperation to order migratory flows safely, after the bilateral meeting held by authorities from both governments in Mexico.

“At the meeting, the most recent data on irregular migratory flows in the region were analyzed. The delegations agreed to expand cooperation in order to manage orderly, safe, and regular migration flows with respect for the human rights of migrants and asylum seekers, ”the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported through a statement after the meeting of Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard with Jake Sullivan, adviser to President Joe Biden on National Security, and Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of National Security.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard expressed his gratitude on Twitter for the “commitment and goodwill to strengthen the relationship.”

During the meeting, US officials expressed their interest in working with Mexico to advance the management of the migration phenomenon from a regional perspective, as well as to implement cooperation policies for Mexico and the countries of Central America.

In addition, it was agreed to maintain the security dialogue and to resume the High-Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN), which had not been held since 2016, and which was set for September 9.

“Share what is the vision we have for the next three years of both governments, what we must do to improve the infrastructure between the two countries, accelerate economic growth in both Mexico and the United States, and in particular the emphasis on the southern zone of our country, that it is also included in the initiatives that we can have together ”, the foreign minister explained previously on the subject, during the morning conference President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At the conference, the Chancellor had stated that during the bilateral meeting the route for the reopening of the border could be addressed, which is partially closed, to non-essential activities, due to the pandemic.

“We are going to talk with Secretary Mayorkas, who is in charge of this issue, to see when we can reopen what are the activities that they consider are not essential,” he added.

“To reopen to an activity or a normal flow, that is what we want to know today as well. A meeting has already been held, today would thus be one more meeting, but we are going to see what they tell us ”, he explained.

However, in the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the meeting, there was no information on the subject.

In this regard, the President highlighted that during the conversation he held with Vice President Kamala Harris, he expressed willingness for the reopening.

“We talked about vaccination and the importance of opening the border that interests us a lot, and she agreed: she told me that they also care that the border is completely opened, but that they have to see some issues,” she said.

“There is a will, there is no decision to close or only partially keep the border open,” he concluded.

Source: El Universal

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