“El Niño” and “Delfines” beaches without sand after hurricane Grace in Cancun find out what other beaches have damage


The Zofemat considers that this weekend it would be returning to its place the sand that the hurricane in Cancun expelled from the beaches.

The beaches “El Niño” and “Delfines” suffered erosion after the passage of hurricane in Cancun “Grace”, after their sands were blown away by the strong winds caused by the meteorological phenomenon last Thursday.

Toneladas de sargazo recalan en playas de Cancún tras paso de huracán  “Grace” – El Punto Sobre La i

Vagner Elbiorn Vega, head of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) in the municipality of Benito Juárez, commented that, therefore, 180 workers from the agency, as well as from the Public Services Directorate began rehabilitation work to return the sand to the sandy areas.

“It is possible that in the next few days, maybe between now and tomorrow, we can return the sand that was blown off those beaches by Hurricane ‘Grace’. It also depends on whether it doesn’t rain because if that happens, these tasks are complicated ”. 

Sargazo cubre arenales de Playa Coral en Cancún después del Huracán Grace:  FOTOS | PorEsto

He said that, in addition to the erosion on the “El Niño” beach, located in Puerto Juárez, there was also damage to the structure of children’s games and the palms of the palapas that are located there.

In the case of “Delfines” beach, in addition to the dispersion of the sand caused by the strong winds, there is also damage to the palms of the palapas, to the structure of the railing, to six signaling panels, to the structure of the lifeguard tower of the Directorate of Civil Protection and the fall of the photographic viewpoint “Cancún50”, which was placed to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the city.

He clarified that access to these beaches is not prohibited while the sand recovery work is being carried out, but that, for the safety of the users and to speed up the work, they are asked not to be near the areas where the staff works.

However, Vagner Elbion Vega commented that five other beaches in Cancun also suffered damage to their infrastructure, such as “Perlas”, “Chac Mool”, “Marlin”, “Whales” and “Coral”.

Huracán Grace causó erosión en siete playas públicas de Cancún - Radio  Fórmula QR

Among the effects caused by the meteor, we can count the damages in the palapas, in lifeguard towers, in lamps and accesses and signaling panels, etc.

But, in this case, as they are considered as public works, the municipal government will have to start a bidding process for the works to begin to remodel the damage caused by hurricane “Grace”, explained the head of Zofemat. 

Damage to beaches, caused by the passage of the hurricane in Cancun

Delfines Beach

  • Sand erosion 
  • Medium damage to palapas palm 
  • Railing structure damage 
  • Fall of photographic viewpoint “Cancún50” 
  • Damage to the lifeguard tower structure 
  • 6 Sign panels

El Niño Beach

  • Sand erosion 
  • Damage to children’s play structure 
  • Medium damage to palapas palm 

Perlas Beach

  • 2 fallen solar lamps 

Chac Mool Beach

  • 6 Downed solar lamps 
  • 6 damaged palapas 
  • Information module damage 
  • Damage to tower structure for lifeguards

Marlin Beach

  • 3 fallen lamps  
  • Damage to wooden benches 
  • Medium damage to palapas palm 

Ballenas Beach

  • 3 fallen palapas 
  • High damage to ramps for the disabled 
  • 2 fallen lamps 
  • Damage to tower structure for lifeguards 

Coral Beach

  • 5 Palapas 
  • 2 Sign panels 
  • Damage to wooden benches

Source: sipse.com

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