Jellyfish stranded in “El Mogote” in La Paz, goes viral (video)


A couple of days ago, the stranding of blue jellyfish in the bay of La Paz began to circulate on social networks, although it is a phenomenon that has been recorded in other years, the mystery of the cause has not yet been solved and the event continues to be striking so that now national media are already replicating the news. 

 It all started when a user of social networks, who apparently was in ” El Mogote “, shared a short video of approximately 20 seconds, in which he walks along the shore of the beach showing dozens of jellyfish in the sand. 

Now, according to unofficial sources, this phenomenon has been registered to a lesser extent on several occasions throughout 2021, so that currently the State Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Coepris), carries out an analysis of the sea in the area, in response to the request that fishing groups have made, since they prefer to avoid uncertainty, given the possibility of a pathogen in the water. 

 But the truth is that it is likely that jellyfish have been washed ashore by currents or sea waves and similar phenomena are recorded throughout the world with different marine species, particularly in BCS, this event adds to the stranding of sardines, clams, and prawns, among other spices, which are registered in the north of the state.


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