Hurricane Grace caused losses of 500 million pesos in Cancun


The main damage from the hurricane in Cancun, named “Grace”, was to the infrastructure of the nautical sector. These add up to 80 million pesos.

The Quintana Roo Nautical Association estimates that the passage of Hurricane Grace left losses of more than 500 million pesos for this sector, an amount that they considered lower when comparing the investment that entrepreneurs have on the state’s coasts.

Francisco Fernández Millan, president of the association explained that of this amount, around 80 million pesos were losses in infrastructure issues, because two docks were lost, however, so far no damaged vessels have been reported. 

“For all the infrastructure that we have, which is billions of pesos, it is nothing, so there are no major impacts. In boats I still have nothing, so we are relatively at 100 and providing transport and tourism services, “he said. 

However, the greatest number of losses was in the area of ​​services to tourists, an activity for which they stopped receiving approximately 500 million pesos, due to the fact that navigation to small boats was closed for two days.

Despite this, the nautical partners estimate that they will soon be able to recover the profits that they lost due to this hydrometeorological phenomenon. 

Fernández Millan pointed out that after the contingency they will have to ensure that the small operators who have had unaffordable damage to their boats, do not abandon these on the shore of the lagoon, so they will insist that the authorities make tours to prevent them from staying in the water.

“These are people who no longer have the purchasing power to lift their boat again, so they decide to go bankrupt and abandon it, that is the detail, and that is what we have been talking about with the government entities to clean up the lagoon. , because that’s what happens after a hurricane, “he added. 

He indicated that so far they have an inventory of 150 boats that are sunk in the lagoon and its surroundings. 


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