Colima-Manzanillo port passenger railway project is set to become a reality


Mexico will start several pre-investment studies next year to determine the feasibility of a 100km passenger rail link between the metropolitan area of Colima state and the port city of Manzanillo.

Railway authority ARTF requested 40mn pesos (US$1.98mn) from the federal government for 11 studies from January to December 2022, according to the finance ministry’s (SHCP) investment portfolio. 

Among the studies are the cost-benefit analysis, the environmental impact statement, legal and technical recommendations, and other technical examinations of the soil, for engineering, and existing railroads. 

According to the request, the rail line to be studied would take advantage of an unused railroad that belonged to Ferrocarriles Nacionales before it was privatized.

The government already has the necessary rights-of-way, but they are part of the 50-year concession of railway operator Ferrocarriles Mexicanos (Ferromex)

Ferromex’s concession is valid for another 13 years. 

The first stage between Colima municipality and Manzanillo port entails eight stations – Colima, Coquimatlán, Madrid, Caleras, Tecomán, Armería, Manzanillo.

ARTF estimates that the train could transport 233,000 passengers a day in its early stage, solving major public transport issues. 

Besides this project, Colima mobility ministry Semov and communications and transportation ministry SCT have defined an investment schedule for a 938mn-peso plan to build an integrated public transport system (SIT) in Colima’s most populated areas, Villa de Álvarez and state capital Colima.

Source: BN Americas

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