Meteorologists forecast heavy damage in Mérida due to the passage of Hurricane Grace


Phenomenon brings strong winds and large amounts of water that will affect the metropolitan area

MÉRIDA.- According to the latest forecasts, the phenomenon ‘ Grace ‘ will enter as a category 2 or 3 hurricane through Tulum, Quintana Roo at dawn on Thursday and late on Wednesday, passing through the south-central Yucatan and Mérida will be affected by rains and winds that could not be seen from Isidoro, said UADY meteorologist Juan Vázquez.

In an interview with Novedades Yucatán, he assured that the winds and rains will begin to be felt from Wednesday and all Thursday when the phenomenon enters the Peninsula through Quintana Roo, to advance almost at dawn between Peto and Valladolid, and travel throughout the Central area of the state

It is forecast that at one o’clock on Thursday it will be south of Mérida, between Mérida and Muna, and will continue on its way to reach Celestún and at the end of Thursday afternoon it will leave the Gulf of Mexico.

The hurricane carries the maximum force in its center, and as ‘Grace’ will advance towards the northeast, Merida will be in the range that will reach the fast winds of 110 or 120 kilometers sustained.

Therefore, trees are expected to fall, electricity poles, roofs will blow up, there will be power and water cuts, and so on.

The entire state on alert

The meteorologist Juan Vazquez said that it is a phenomenon that could generate strong effects on the entire entity, so it will continue to monitor it.

Shelters Ready

It should be noted that in Yucatan preparations have already begun for the arrival of ‘Grace’ as a category 1 hurricane this Thursday, so there are already shelters available and the authorities have already issued a Green Alert, which means that a cyclone is approaching.

According to the latest forecasts, tropical storm ‘Grace’ is located 360 km east-southeast of Grand Cayman Island, and 1,110 km southeast of Valladolid, Yucatán. 

It is moving west at a speed of 24 km / h with winds of 85 km / h and gusts of 100 km / h.

It is expected to escalate to a hurricane in the next 24 hours. In Yucatán, an increase is expected in the waves in the coastal zone, rain and strong to very strong wind, accompanied by electrical activity starting on the night of Wednesday, August 18, in the east and south; and on Thursday 19 throughout the state.


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