Cabo San Lucas will have greater video surveillance coverage in tourist areas


In the framework of the Security Table meeting with the participation of the three levels of government and the private initiative, a proposal was presented to expand the coverage of video surveillance in the tourist area and downtown Cabo San Lucas, it is an ambitious project in which businessmen from El Médano are working to extend the reach of technology, which will be of great benefit to citizens with the installation of 21 more cameras.

In this meeting, the general director of Public Security, Juan José Zamorano; the deputy attorney for the southern area, Antonio López Rodríguez and the executive president of the Coordinating Council, Julio Castillo Gómez, who will reinforce the surveillance operations in the tourist area in coordination with the Navy personnel and the tourist police, such as the inspection of vehicles Polarized and without license plates, of the motorcycles that use them to commit crimes, since these actions were divided for a while with the anticovid surveillance campaign, and the panorama has improved so they will continue with this type of actions to inhibit the theft of pedestrians, to vehicles and commercial lines.

The general director of public security, Juan José Zamorano, indicated that a very important point for everyone was that the video surveillance system will be strengthened.

“Analyzing a future plan on the implementation of a video surveillance network that would be implemented to those that we have in c2 and also the possibility that it be supported with the participation of businessmen from the Médano area and downtown area and reinforce almost shielding the images in this area and using video surveillance, which has been essential, the possibility of acting and following up on the events that occur are important for the arrest and later prosecution, we will continue working on that, “he said.

Statistics were also reviewed on different crimes that have remained with a downward trend, which did grow a bit were vehicle thefts, it is a subject that they will be taking up and the subject of motorcycles in operations.

With regard to video surveillance cameras, the police chief related how thanks to this system it has been possible to find those responsible for various robbery crimes, such as one recently that occurred in Cabo San Lucas.

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“They reported to us that a person had been stripped of their vehicle and quickly through the different cameras that we have followed up.

It was a camera at the access to Cabo San Lucas and of course there is surveillance and thanks to this it was possible to observe the people who brought the unit, who descended, we followed through the cameras to maintain contact at all times so that they remain flagrante delicto and thus make the arrest and give all the elements to the judicial process so that these people who are responsible for a robbery with violence are credited flagrante delicto and are detained ”.


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