Are you driving to Mazatlán from Durango or Culiacán? Here we tell you how much you will pay for tollbooths


To drive from Culiacán to Mazatlán by road, you will have to travel 216 kilometers along the highway called the Costera and from Durango 230 kilometers apart from bringing a good amount in your pockets for the payment of toll

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Undoubtedly, Mazatlán is one of the tourist destinations that has established itself in recent years as one of the most important ports at an international level; However, to get to this paradisiacal place by land, the visitor must have no less than 1,500 pesos available in his pocket, if he only comes from Durango or Culiacán for the payment of toll booths.

To come from Culiacán to Mazatlán by road, you will have to travel 216 kilometers by highway called La Costera, where on the way you will find 4 toll booths, one known as Costa Rica and Marmol, plus two others known as the Quilá name.

Getting to and from the most important port in the Northwest by car costs you the modest amount of 875 pesos but, if you travel by motorcycle, you would pay 432 or 216 single trip, the prices per booth are as follows:

Marmol stand 135 pesos for cars, while for motorcycles you would pay 65, Costa Rica, 152 and on a motorcycle, you will pay 76 pesos, Quilá stand 1, you will pay 107 by car and on a motorcycle, you will pay 53 pesos in Quilá 2, 22 pesos on a motorcycle and in a car you will pay 45 pesos.

If you come from the alteño state of Durango, you will have to travel 230 kilometers along the highway and the prices and numbers of booths are similar to those of Culiacán, to find out these are the prices and booths that you will have to cross on your way to visit the waters of the ocean. Peaceful.

Durango Libramiento Car: $ 69.00 Motorcycle: $ 34.00 Llano Grande Car: $ 103.00 Motorcycle: $ 51.00 Coscomate Car: $ 325.00 Motorcycle: $ 162.00, Mesillas Car: $ 171.00 Motorcycle: $ 85.00, Car: $ 171.00 Motorcycle: $ 85.00, Mazatlán Car: : $ 24.00, with a Total Cost of Travel by Car: $ 717.00 Motorcycle: $ 356.00


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