Video: Waves drag shark to the seashore in Mazatlán


The shark was stranded in a rocky area, while elements of the Aquatic Squad searched for a way to return it to marine waters

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A shark was stranded between the breakwater of a well-known hotel in the port of Mazatlán, this Sunday afternoon, after the strong waves brought it to shore, leaving it in full view of tourists.

The strong waves that prevail moved between the stones the shark that came and went through the agitated water, and for moments leaving it in view of the people, who observed the static animal or when each wave it moved and gave hints of life.

Waves drag a shark to the seashore in Mazatlán

Elements of the Aquatic Squad came to the area looking for a way for the species to return to the sea, but the strong waves that lashed between the stones and when moving the animal made it difficult to maneuver.

The action was evidenced in a video that was circulated in social media groups.


The Mazatlan Post