Armed men steal two Red Cross ambulances in Sonora


Red Cross paramedics were stripped of their units by armed people.

In the early hours of this Sunday, the overturning of a vehicle was registered where a person died; when attending the emergency the Red Cross paramedics were stripped of two ambulances.

The events occurred around 2:00 am on Sunday, August 15, on the Caborca-Pitiquito road section.

After the accident, support was requested from the 9-1-1 of the Red Cross emergency units.

People in a recent model Tahoe pickup were reported to have pulled off the road and rolled over. A lifeless person was found at the scene.

Caborca ​​paramedics attended the report, but upon arrival, they were received by a group of armed people who threatened the paramedics so they immediately left the place.

When they were leaving, they met another Red Cross unit from the neighboring municipality of Pitiquito, so both units decided to continue their journey in search of shelter.

Sonora, Mexico

The two ambulances were intercepted by several SUVs with armed men and the paramedics were stripped of the units, which were found abandoned without apparent damage in the municipality of Pitiquito.

Because of these actions, the red code was activated and a police operation was implemented, however, the ambulances were found with “flat tires”.

At least 15 vehicles, including units of the municipal police and the Red Cross, have been stolen in the last month.

Source: OEM

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