Exhibition opens at CDMX’s Cenart: Textiles in indigenous history


MEXICO CITY. The exhibition The skin of writing; the weft in indigenous textiles, was inaugurated on Saturday, August 14th, at the National Center for the Arts (Cenart), during the 2021 National Indigenous Languages ​​Fair.

Juan Gregorio Regino, director of the National Institute of Indigenous Languages ​​(INALI), stated that with this exhibition they want to “leave a light on the conscience; in the light of 500 years of indigenous resistance, ancient writing is beating strongly in textile languages, ”said the agency in a statement.

He stressed that the story told through textiles, many anonymous, “is not mutilated, but authentic, original and unpublished.” He added that it is the most original memory of the people, with a gender perspective, since the creations of these works are mainly female.

He added that, with this exhibition, which can be visited until September 19, a tribute is paid to “the warriors of the threads, of the colors and of the weft.”

For her part, Ángeles Castro, director of Cenart, pointed out that one of the axes on which they work is Memory and Identity.

The skin of writing; the plot in indigenous textiles, she added, “expresses the dialogue between the codes that are present in indigenous textiles from different regions and the contemporary artistic languages ​​that emerge in indigenous populations throughout the country.”

In this exhibition, you can see the basic shapes that textiles use, such as the straight line and the flat figures of squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Source: Excelsior

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