Mexico becomes news in Japan due to Panda-emic, launch of vaccination


After a Japanese news network talked about this peculiar character, social networks put him in trend with memes and videos of his dances

Pandemio, the mascot from Mexico City that encourages attendees with dances at the Covid-19 vaccination center, appeared on Japanese television and Mexicans celebrated it on social networks. 

The news network  ANNnewsCH of Japan shared his YouTube channel clip of the video where a description of the work of the bottarga is offered.

“A panda appears in the monitoring room of the vaccination site in Mexico. It is said that it is Pandemio mascot that promotes vaccination. The panda costume encouraged those who finished the vaccination to exercise,” explains the Japanese media. 

In addition, it presents images where the panda appears with his green vest of the capital government, dancing to the rhythm of merengue. 

Given this, thousands of netizens took advantage of the moment to share their reactions, videos, and even memes of the peculiar fact.

“Pandemic on Japanese television”, reads this “tweet”, followed by the image of the mascot…

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