Chiapas receives over 6 billion pesos from tourism


The Secretariat of Tourism in Chiapas, through its “Statistical Report of Indicators” that it presents on a monthly basis, revealed that between January and June of this year, local and foreign visitors have generated an economic spill that reaches 6,389 million pesos; that is, two thousand 29 million pesos more than what was generated on the same dates but in 2020.

Thanks to the fact that some restrictions have been lifted in the entity, in the first six months of 2021, there are two million 694 thousand 227 people who have arrived at the different tourist destinations offered by the state.

A Chiapas llega más turismo nacional que extranjero

For now, the State and Mexico City, in addition to Veracruz, Puebla and Jalisco, are the areas of the country that have contributed 88% of all the visits that have come to Chiapas and that translate into two million 361 thousand 478 people. The rest comes from countries like the United States, France, Spain, Canada and Guatemala.

The numbers that the entity reached in the first six months has allowed hotel occupancy to fluctuate by 27%, however, the stay is barely 1.30 days for visitors.

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For now, Tuxtla Gutiérrez remains the city that has received the most visitors with 608 thousand 467. Further down appeared San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Tapachula, Palenque, Comitán and Tonalá.

“The influx received in Chiapas during the month of June was 466 thousand 897 visitors, a result that increased with respect to the same month of 2020 (68 thousand 829 visitors)”, reported the Ministry of Tourism.

Although the arrival of cruise ships to Puerto Chiapas is still suspended due to health issues, on June 22, the “Cuauhtémoc” Sailboat School Ship of the Mexican Armed Forces arrived at this site. It was in the place for a couple of days.

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For now, the airport influx has been 127 thousand 789 passengers; 95,611 correspond to those who have used the “Ángel Albino Corzo” International Airport, while the rest went to the airport located in Tapachula. Between January and June of this year, 1,080 operations were carried out.

“In the month an economic spill of 1,14 million pesos was generated, which progressed compared to June 2020 (113 million pesos). The average hotel occupancy for the month was 28%, increasing compared to June 2020 (6%) ”, the monthly report complemented.

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