American is seriously injured after being stabbed during an assault in Oaxaca


A person from the United States was left with intestines hanging out when he was assaulted by unknown subjects on the street of Arteaga on the corner of Manuel Doblado, in the city of Oaxaca.

The events occurred at 10:45 p.m. yesterday when Joseph TK, 44, originally from California, United States, was apparently going to a hostel located on the same street as Arteaga.

But a few meters before reaching the place, he was intercepted by unknown subjects who demanded that he hand over all the money he was carrying.

The subjects, realizing that the tourist was putting up resistance, decided to stab him and was seriously injured.

After that, the aggressor got on a motorcycle, along with another individual, and fled, according to the neighbors

Red Cross paramedics came to the scene and stabilized Mr. Joseph for transport.

Seriously injured, Joseph was taken to a private hospital located on Reforma Street in the city of Oaxaca, where he was taken to surgery.

His state of health is reported as delicate and the police began operations in the area to locate those allegedly responsible.


The Oaxaca Post