Neighbors prevent police from taking marijuana plant in Orizaba, Veracruz


Through social networks, a marijuana plant that was cared for by a group of neighbors in a neighborhood in Orizaba went viral

ORIZABA, VERACRUZ.- On Tuesday afternoon, state police tried to “cut down” a marijuana plant over two meters high, which is found on the public highway in a neighborhood in Orizaba; However, residents of the area refused and defended the plant, published La Silla Rota Veracruz.

This fact was made known on social networks, according to the publication on Facebook, a marijuana user planted the plant on the sidewalk in front of his house, which over time became a “community plant”, since that a group of neighbors joined the care.

After an anonymous call, elements of the State Police arrived at the scene in order to cut down the plant, but several women joined together to prevent it.

After this fact, the uniformed men chose to let the neighbors take the leaves of the plant and, in addition, they advised that they better sow inside their homes.

In the Facebook post, you can read that the “Law is failing people and that it aims to benefit only companies.”

On June 28, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation endorsed the recreational use of marijuana in Mexico, however, although prohibiting the use of marijuana is unconstitutional, the regulatory framework of the market that would be created from the legalization of cannabis. That is, activities that have to do mainly with the purchase and sale of seeds or plants.

Veracruz Daily Post