Cancun police officer detained after accidentally fired his weapon injuring a man


Cancun, Quintana Roo (August 12, 2021) — An agent of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SMSP) in Cancun was arrested after he accidentally fired his weapon and injured an employee of a nightclub in the hotel zone of Cancun.

The accidental discharge of a firearm was reported around 6:20 p.m. on Wednesday, August 11th, when an ambulance was requested at the hotel zone nightclub. When paramedics arrived, they found an injured employee who was treated before being transferred to a Cancun hospital.

Details, including the severity of the injury, were not released.

At the scene, it was confirmed that one person had been accidentally injured by an officer, who, while manipulating his weapon, inadvertently caused it to discharge.

The officer was arrested by elements of the Quintana Roo Police and made available to the Public Ministry of Common Law.

Source: Noticaribe

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