Proposal to replant native trees in Oaxaca


The Maestro Luis Zárate highlights the urgency that both authorities and specialists define the best way to recover historical trees.

Oaxaca.- Maestro Luis Zárate, architect, painter, landscaper, considered that the city of Oaxaca should recover the native trees and think about a necessary replacement.

He considered that due to recent tree felling, such as the laurels in the Zócalo and recently the fig of the Valley in the Calzada de la República, it is important that both authorities and specialists define the best way to recover.

The visual artist who participated in the creation of the Ethnobotanical Garden mentioned that in this site there are specialists, researchers, and people who can contribute, to avoid planting trees because someone liked them or because someone brought them from somewhere, as happened with the laurels.

The figs of the Valley, he explained, can be recovered with some branches and a good vine, although he recommended doing it by specialists and making the authorities jointly responsible.

“It is very important to promote the native trees of Oaxaca, the trees that correspond to our ecosystem,” he said.

He explained that the real problems are the laurels of India, he explained, because they extend their roots, they have a great mass and in the city, they are surrounded by cement.

“The plinth trees, the laurels of India, require a slow replacement, gradually in the long term. Let’s not re-plant ficus or figs from India when there is a loss of these. We must seek, with the advice of the Ethnobotanical Garden, what species we should promote in the city of Oaxaca ”.

Luis Zarate


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