Los Cabos: Colonos de El Medano clean beaches after heavy rains


The civil association of Colonos de El Médano, committed to the community, carried out a cleaning day on the emblematic beach of Cabo San Lucas, after the 2 days of rains registered in the port. 

Ricardo Araoz, president of Colonos indicated that fortunately there was not a large amount of garbage, so the work carried out by personnel from the various businesses located on the beach was quick compared to other occasions.  

Cleaning day in El Médano

He adds that for 2 days, collaborators in the area were cleaning and rehabilitating the area, collecting mostly plastics and branches, especially the first day after the rains, this Wednesday was minimal. 

Likewise, the president of Colonos de El Médano, urged the population not to throw garbage on the beach as well as in streams and roads, since in heavy rains all the waste would go into the sea, in this case, the bay.

Cleaning day in El Médano

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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