A better quality of life in Querétaro with government actions and programs


Mayors of Mexico | August 11, 2021.- In Querétaro, the inhabitants enjoy a better quality of life thanks to the works, programs and actions of the current municipal administration, assured municipal president Luis Nava in his 3rd. Results report.

Luis Nava stressed that today in Querétaro the facts and the people speak, since the state capital is positioned as a benchmark for its strategy against COVID, its social programs, support for women, its reinforcement of security, its economic development and your healthy finances.

Luis Nava specified that Querétaro is already one of the five most populated capital cities in the country with more than one million inhabitants and that despite this it has managed to maintain its services to the population and innovate with innovative programs that seek to maintain and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

“The Financial Times placed us among the 10 cities with the most potential worldwide, and one of the cities of the future in America. We have great challenges ahead, yes. But we also have a clear direction, to become the best city to live in, “he said.

He stressed that in his administration he has innovated thanks to the premise of listening, working, and solving; hence the creation of programs such as “With them, we make a difference”, which today is the spearhead at the national level for comprehensive care for more than 11,500 women who receive tools to improve their quality of life through training, courses, workshops and financial support for entrepreneurship.

Luis Nava added that the municipality decisively faced the pandemic caused by COVID-19, this through the evolution of the Medico en tu Calle program, through which more than 22 thousand COVID tests have been applied, in addition to delivering without cost more than 5,400 oximeters to those who need it most; as well as the loan, also free, of oxygen concentrators to hundreds of citizens.

In the social actions to face the health contingency, he also highlighted the delivery of food packages and the hot food program, in addition to the start-up of the Service Center for Homeless People in Alcanfores Park, which became the Transitional Home Changing Lives.

For economic support in this pandemic, more than 15 thousand economic supports of four thousand pesos were given, the Temporary Occupation program, which benefited more than 2,900 people and their families; in addition to supporting payment of interest on a loan for 1,188 MSMEs; and the cancellation of license endorsement for hundreds of establishments.

In terms of security, Mayor Luis Nava highlighted the construction of the largest and most modern Command, Control, Communication and Computing Center (C4), which is complemented by the installation of 243 citizen assistance buttons, in addition to tripling the number of cameras of video surveillance and Subcomandancias. He also highlighted the implementation of the Hand In Hand for Your Safety program in conjunction with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which provides protection and support to older adults with memory problems.

As part of improving the quality of life and future, Luis Nava recalled that the Respira Querétaro program is the most ambitious reforestation project in the Municipality, thanks to which more than 180 thousand trees have been planted or donated to date. Thanks to these actions, last March the Municipality received the recognition of the Network of Wooded Cities of the World, where 120 cities from different countries participated.

Luis Nava also highlighted the creation of 57 parks and gardens, 27 in this last year of government, which shows the effort to rescue public spaces that promote family coexistence, sports, and the strengthening of the social fabric. And to ensure the health and protection of animals, the Specialized Unit for Animal Care, Protection and Rescue was created.

In this work to ensure the quality of life and the future of the municipality, Luis Nava highlighted the construction of the Poniente Viaduct, one of the largest and most important road works in recent years because it benefits the entire northwestern area of ​​the capital; this coupled with the 3.3 million square meters repaved throughout the city; the improvement of lighting in more than 190 neighborhoods, the rehabilitation of six sports units and the construction of the Sports Centers in San Pedro Mártir and La Purísima. 

Municipal President Luis Nava did not miss the opportunity to thank the Governor of the State, Francisco Domínguez Servién, for the support received during these three years in which they worked together to endorse the greatness of the municipality. He also congratulated the governor-elect, Mauricio Kuri, to whom he endorsed his commitment to work together for the people of Queretaro. The Councilors of the H. City Council was recognized for their commitment, constructive criticism and remarks because with them they demonstrated to Mexico that unity is possible and is the way to move forward.

Luis Nava did not stop thanking his wife and President of the Board of the Municipal DIF System, Arahí Domínguez, whom he said he admired for the leadership shown at the head of the agency and which was reflected not only with supportive actions in the face of the pandemic due to the COVID-19, but through assistance programs such as DIF a Tu Lado, Operations for Smiles and soon with a Network of Comprehensive Child Care Centers and a Doctor in your Street service for the care of pregnant women that includes ultrasounds also to your home.

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