Video: Couple arrested for dancing naked on Mazatlán golden zone


Tourists who were caught dancing naked in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán aboard the public transport service, called “Pulmonías”, were detained and sent to the rail and the driver of the unit was applied an economic sanction for allowing the show.

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Last April, a 23-year-old young woman was caught trotting through Mazatlán’s Golden Zone, stripping off her clothing as she advanced before the gaze of hundreds of motorists, who were surprised to witness that she stripped off all her clothes until she was hit by another woman and covered her.

Video. Mujer pasea desnuda por malecón de de Mazatlán

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, municipal president of the port, commented that in a jocular way they brought him some videos of people who “made them very hot”, which were detained and sent to the rail for disturbing order and not complying with sanitary regulations, since that they did not even carry mouth covers.

Regarding the driver with pneumonia, he indicated that a fine was applied to him and a video was sent to the state authorities with the unit’s license plate number so that they could proceed to cancel the driver’s license to send an order message.

Benítez Torres explained that this is not the first case that is staged in the port, despite the sanctions that have been imposed, so he considers that the only way to stop these acts of exhibitionism is to cancel the driver’s licenses of the operators, for letting passengers behave improperly.

The Mayor of Mazatlán admitted that it is very difficult for the Municipal Police to quickly detect this type of nude exhibitions, which are learned about after videos that citizens themselves send to the authorities, which allows us to act as quickly as possible.

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