Video: Guadalajara bus fight breaks out between a senior and lady with a baby


Two different versions have come up about the fight.

The brawl happened in a unit of Route 380 in Guadalajara, Jalisco after the old woman commented something about the woman’s baby.

Mexico and the strange things that happen every day. This time it was the turn of an unfortunate brawl that arose in a public transport unit on Route 380, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. In this fight with blows, a woman who had her child in her arms in a baby support, is seen throwing blows against an old woman who does not hesitate to return the same blows despite the fact that the first woman is holding her child in her arms.

The above was disseminated on social networks, where the video of the fight that took place in the truck was circulated. To add to this fight, the brawl grew and other women got involved with blows, while a man tried to calm all the women in conflict.

Fight between woman with baby and old woman in a bus goes viral.

The fight occurred on Thursday afternoon on Route 380 in Guadalajara, apparently because the woman with the baby in her arms argued for a seat in the transport. Other witnesses indicated that the old woman seen in the video made negative comments about the woman’s son, which upset her and began hitting the old lady.

Driver separates them and lowers them all

In another video, recorded by the driver of the unit, he reveals that apparently, the daughter of the old woman did not want to offer the place to the woman with the baby in her arms, despite the fact that this site is reserved for women with infants.

After the fight grew to several women and for several minutes, with blows everywhere and a baby crying among them, the driver had to separate them and kicked them all off his bus, but not before asking a policeman to take charge of the situation.

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