Did Yucatan authorities provide support to the mother of the young Veracruz man who died in Mérida?


Mérida, Yucatán, (August 07, 2021) .- The State Government has provided legal, material, and psychological help to Dora R.E., mother of J.E.R.E., the young man from the state of Veracruz, who died in this city and whose case is already being investigated by the judicial authorities.

Since the event became known, the state government, through the State Executive Commission for Victim Care (Ceeav), has been in permanent contact with the mother of the deceased, who accepted the support and help provided to the family in relation to the transfer of the body, while continuing with the corresponding follow-up work.

The state government, through the Office of the Attorney General of the State (FGE), investigates an alleged case of police brutality involving Merida municipal police officers.

Since the complaint was filed, the State Government has prosecuted the case and the corresponding investigations are already being carried out to find the person or persons responsible for the tragic death of the young man from Veracruz.

On the evening of Friday, August 6th, the Legal Director of the General Secretariat of Government (SGG), Gabriel Puc Maldonado, received Dora R.E., mother of the deceased, at the Merida’s Government Palace, accompanied by a relative, in order to continue providing guidance and support and at the same time ratify that the complaint of the facts is attended by the corresponding authorities.

The state government reiterates its commitment to the rule of law and reaffirms that justice will be done because in Yucatán there is no room for impunity.

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