Magic Town of El Oro in the State of Mexico is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway (VIDEO)


The Pueblo Mágico de El Oro (Magical Town of El Oro), in the State of Mexico, is the perfect place if you’re looking for a weekend destination to get rid of the daily hustle and bustle of Mexico City. It’s located two and a half hours away from Mexico city and an hour and a half from Toluca. It borders to the North with Temascalcingo and to the West with the state of Michoacán.

Its history goes back to prehispanic times when El Oro was inhabited by the Mazahuas, who paid tribute with corn, beans and cloth to the Aztecs once they conquered them in 1474. Later, with the arrival of the conquerors, veins of gold and silver were discovered. It was founded in the 18th century, a time when it grew rapidly due to mines such as La Esperanza, El Consuelo or La Provincia.

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The legacy of the gods

In town’s center you can see both architectural elements and natural settings creating an atmosphere where reality and fantasy come together. It’s worth remembering that this Pueblo Mágico’s name is due to the Nahuatl etymology Teocuitlapilli: “What the gods left us”, referring to the extracted metal—gold. Among the sites of interest, visit the Palacio Municipal (Municipality Building), a centenary 20th century building that boasts a unique construction in the country.

Its architecture has neoclassical and art nouveau elements. At the entrance you can see Manuel D’Rugama’s mural “Génesis Minero” which portrays inhabitants’ life in those years. Further on you can see a beautiful neoclassical building—the Teatro Juárez (Juárez Theater), inaugurated on February 5, 1907. It has a Moresque decoration and carved wooden rooms; its facade is made of stone while sidewalls and interior decoration are art nouveau.

El Oro can be visited any time of the year, since it has a temperate subhumid climate, which allows you to have a very pleasant walk.

Source: YouTube