Guadalajara reports shortages of oxygen


Faced with the rebound in Covid-19 cases, oxygen tanks and concentrators are becoming scarce.

Grupo REFORMA yesterday consulted the availability of the rental service for these items in 10 establishments in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG). However, only in two was it possible to hire a tank or concentrator.

“I don’t know how to tell you how long they have been exhausted, because sometimes they come to me, but as they come to me, they are rented out,” said the operator of Oxihome, one of the companies consulted.

The staff of the rest of the companies explained that during the last weeks or days they have been running out of supplies. Even in some of them, there was already a waiting list of four to fifteen people

When asked when there might be available for the rental of tanks or concentrators, no establishment said they knew.

“We had rent, but we already ran out (…) I don’t think tanks will return soon because I already have days in short supply,” said Praxair staff.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) I ran out of everything I had for rent and right now I don’t have anything available (…) probably tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will be, but it all depends on whether the equipment is returned to me or not,” he said. for its part, the operator of Grupo Médico San Lucas.

Of the companies consulted there were some that are also dedicated to the sale of tanks or concentrators; prices range from 5,000 to 13,000 pesos,

According to figures from the Jalisco Health Secretariat, the number of hospitalizations in the state went from 196, on July 4, to 1,189 on August 4.

In addition, the IRAG Network reported 16 hospitals in Jalisco with a maximum occupancy in general beds, of which five are in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.


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