Puerto Vallarta tourist rescued after a parachute accident (videos)


A young woman who was on vacation in this city went to the beach to enjoy a parachute ride experienced moments of terror when a gust of wind broke the rope that was pulling her, which caused the parachute to fly into the air and end up hanging on a post of the Federal Electricity Commission in the Versalles neighborhood.

Regarding this situation, it was announced that several reports indicated that a parachute was flying through the air in front of the Agustín Flores Contreras sports unit and that it was going over Francisco Villa.

Later they pointed out that the parachute had fallen in the Versalles neighborhood, for which a strong operation was generated by elements of the Municipal Police to find the exact place of the landing and verify the tourist’s state of health.

It is about a woman of approximately 25 years who is a national tourist from León Guanajuato, who was in this city enjoying vacations.

In the 911 report, they indicated that at 2:47 p.m. they reported that, on the Mona Encuerada beach, the parachute was released, and apparently it fell through the Versalles neighborhood.

That is why the units were looking and later they came to Berlin Street, crossing with Hamburg, where they located the parachute stuck in a post of the Federal Electricity Commission, but the young woman was not indicating that they had already taken her.

But it was in that same place where they found her inside a home, which was helped by the neighbors, who helped her to get off the harness, she was extremely lucky to survive, recuers realized that she had no injuries, only the scare she experienced when traveling through the airs without control.

From this fact, it was said that the 18-year-old girl named Montserrat fell on some cables, which she was aware of, and received a slight electric shock.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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