AMLO new state LP gas company offer jobs of 10 hours a day at only 6 to 8,000 pesos a month


Mexico: In early July, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the creation of the Gas Bienestar company, which will sell LP gas at lower prices.

The sale of Gas Bienestar will begin in Mexico City and will gradually spread to other parts of the Republic such as Yucatán

In order for Gas Bienestar to distribute the energy, Pemex will hire drivers and assistants to carry the cylinders, so it will begin to recruit personnel as an LP gas delivery driver or as an assistant distributor of LP gas in cylinders.

How much will be earned in Gas Bienestar?

Pemex offers a base salary, legal benefits, and incentives. The call does not indicate how much the salary is. But, according to the Indeed job board, the salary for a driver’s assistant is 6 thousand pesos a month, on average, and for a delivery driver from 7,500 to 8 thousand pesos, both with a schedule from 6 in the morning to 4 pm.

The profile to work as a delivery driver is:

  • Age. Between 25 and 45 years
  • Experience. Three Years Driving 3.5 Ton Truck
  • Scholarship. Have a minimum of studies at the baccalaureate level or truncated career
  • Have basic knowledge of mechanics (diesel and gasoline)
  • Know the Metropolitan Transit Regulations
  • Service attitude

The documents they will ask for are:

  1. Valid driver’s license type D
  2. Government-issued photo ID
  3. Proof of address
  4. Three letters of recommendation

The profile to work as a delivery assistant is:

  • Age. Between 17 and 45 years
  • Scholarship. Secondary or high school
  • Service attitude

You will need to present these documents:

  1. Government-issued photo ID
  2. Proof of address
  3. Three letters of recommendation

How do I register?

To apply to any of the positions, you must enter the Pemex website, or through the following link: . 

When you open it, the requirements will appear, and at the bottom two application forms, one for a driver and one for an assistant. Just click on the form of the position you want to apply.


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