The reopening date for El Chepe Los Mochis-Chihuahua remains undefined


The weather conditions do not allow the full running of the Chepe train to resume, the only section that is enabled and working is Creel-Chihuahua, they reported in the information and customer service telephone module of Ferromex

Los Mochis, Sin. – The reopening date in Chepe Los Mochis-Chihuahua runs remains undefined because weather conditions do not allow the full train run to resume, the only section that is enabled and operating is Creel-Chihuahua, reported in the Ferromex customer service and information telephone module .

“No miss, unfortunately not yet and we do not have a specific date as for when we will return to the normal march and the usual route of the train, at the moment not yet, just the section from Chihuahua to Creel and from Creel to Chihuahua only, we cannot to still get to Los Mochis, and not to leave Los Mochis and get to Chihuahua, which is good as long as these weather conditions do not change because we will continue with the march thus halted “. 

In the official statement, it is indicated that it would be until August 15 to continue with these same runs, if there is any modification, it would be reported by the official media.

The Mazatlan Post