Mexico will vibrate with Guns N ‘Roses concerts in October


The cities where this group will rock their attendees

Through its official website, Guns N´ Roses confirmed that in October it will offer concerts in three parts of Mexico.

“Guns N ‘Roses is coming to Mexico this October! Don’t miss the opportunity to see the band live in Guadalajara on October 7, in Mérida on October 9, and in Monterrey on October 12 ”.

In the case of Monterrey, the event will take place at the Los Sultanes Baseball Stadium, where it was ensured that it will have a sanitation protocol such as those implemented in the NFL stadiums in the United States.

These measures will be implemented by the KEY company, which will be both strict and modern, as they are based on the certification called ” Star “, which was designed by the GBAC, which is dedicated to making protocols for the pandemic.

Regarding Guadalajara, the state health authorities did not authorize the concert that was scheduled to take place at the Akron Stadium in Zapopan. For its part, the Mérida government has not authorized the permits for its realization.

Tickets for Monterrey have already been on sale since July 15, and even Los Sultanes have a promotion:

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