9th edition of the Doqumenta Film Festival in Querétaro 6 to 15th of August


The Querétaro documentary film festival is back and this time it does so in a hybrid way, which means that it will have both face-to-face events, as well as on the platform, with the concept “Actions that Transcend on the Screen.” 

We have been sharing documentaries for nine years, but for us, it goes much further than that. We have awakened and recognized the reality in which we live, committing ourselves to always spread various realities, creating experiences to achieve the main objective in our audience: transformation.

Our path has evolved, highlighting the importance of looking at the other, of finding ourselves within the journey, of raising our voice so that it reaches as far as possible.

In DOQUMENTAWe believe it is important to change at the same time as our environment changes; For this reason, it is important to move in a world that is looking for new ways to coexist. On this occasion, we cannot just watch and listen, we must go further: we want to go beyond the screen, we feel the need to act. Because we are aware that all our actions have repercussions beyond what we imagine, we are looking for ways to collectively rethink our words and our actions.

Documentary cinema sensitizes us and invites us to reflect; Today we invite you to go further, to take action and to do TOGETHER. There is no action or small screen. What a person does remains in the individuality; what two do is already a collective action.

All the topics that we present today in our documentaries are possible thanks to the collective reactions of the past: feminist movements, the fight for the rights of the LGBTI + community, the defense of the territory at the hands of indigenous peoples. We create small revolutions in every story we tell, in every story we resist and re-signify on and through the screens. With these actions, we become a whole, for all.


Through DOQUMENTA we show stories that deserve to
be recognized and disseminated and that, above all, inspire us to
change the realities in which we live.

This edition will have 6 thematic axes (Chiquidocu, Fem, Hábitat, LGBT +, VR and Raíces), as well as conferences and special guests,

On this occasion, it will feature events already held in previous years, such as Docs & Tonic or the National Selection program, which on this occasion will feature 50 percent of the documentaries exhibited within the festival, which this year bears the name “Chimal (Escudo “Náhuatl) name given to honor the Otomi-Chichimeca culture of the Tolimán municipality, to which is added the first edition of“ VR ”(Virtual Reality) documents, which will be attended by 9 shorts, as well as“ Luces Querétaro, Action and Documenta at home.

The festival will have 3 face-to-face venues, these are:

– Cultural Center of the City.- Museum of the City.-Cineteca Rosalío Solano.The latter will be in charge of opening this event next Friday, August 6, with a performance at 7:00 p.m. which is totally free, the documentaries that will be presented are “Jonax: Hilo por Hilo” and IZ’ÜNTZ’Ü.


Likewise, the Filminlatino platform will be used again, which will feature most of the documentaries and events of the contest.


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