Soriana starts tests of self check out and different forms of payment


Soriana also wants to update the shopping experience of its customers and for this, it presented its pilot program for self-collection boxes, with which they want to enter the global trend in this sector, where they present the user with new forms of payment that take advantage of some technological tools.

This test begins at the Hiper San Pedro Garza García branch, Nuevo León, where customers will be able to use one of the six available boxes that will have trained personnel, who will be able to guide them to make their collections, will accept different forms of payment, through cash, credit and debit cards, grocery vouchers and even digital platforms such as Mercado Pago and CoDi.

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Soriana Autocobro 2

If its initiative is successful in this branch, the company has plans to apply the program in other stores in the country.

It is not the first store to present this format in Mexico

With this move, Soriana joins what has already been done by other self-service stores in Mexico, where we have the cases of Bodega Aurrerá, which implemented self-collection in Guanajuato to have a method of payment with zero contact and Walmart Express in Aguascalientes which wanted to present a practical and safe experience to make the purchase process more agile.

Also, it is another alternative to stores such as Sam’s Club performs with its Scan & Go, a service with which the customer can scan the products they want to purchase from the smartphone application and pay from there without queuing, or the case of Oxxo Smart, in which there are no boxes or employees, where the customer enters, chooses their products and pays at the terminal without having contact with any person.

Another of the best-known cases of taking advantage of technologies to change the way customers make their purchases is Amazon Go, where cameras, sensors, and algorithms are used that record the movements of customers, who took what they need and when they leave, the payment of the products is generated automatically in your Amazon account.


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