Los Cabos activities on El Médano beach out of control


Carlos Tinoco Balderas, president of Empresarios de Los Cabos, said that in the emblematic beach of El Médano there is a huge lack of control due to the lack of will to regulate commercial activities, a gray area in which there is no law because the authorities they have consented to this unfair competition.

Statements made about the anarchy that prevails in the El Médano area in the face of the proliferation of activities, including street vendors, food vendors, and masseurs. 

He indicated that to deal with the situation requires the will of the authorities, which does not want to take responsibility, empowering people without permission to work in the place. 

“It is a gray area in which, even against what the law establishes, they are doing business, giving the impression of being protected, supported and pampered by someone who is not doing his job well.” 

He asserted that having street vendors without permission called “Golondrinos” or other activities outside the law, is unfair competition in which these people do not pay any taxes, insurance, or rent. 

“It is a social problem that affects in all senses and that unfortunately the people of El Médano are suffering from it, it is not only the sale of low-quality merchandise in terms of crafts and silver, but also a subject of sale of all kinds of prohibited substances and in which there is no action ”. 

He added that authorities need to be energetic and serious and apply the regulations of the law, there is a list of authorized vendors, who have credentials and who are the ones who can work in the place. 

“The Golondrinos that if they do not double the number registered, they exceed it, they affect both the image and the businesses established in the area; In the case of the Center, we have been very vigorous and zealous and have worked to discourage activity, because we also suffer from it ”.  

“Organized society must always demand that the authorities do their job and that they are not evading their responsibility.”

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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