Crocodile attacked American tourist at the Marriott Puerto Vallarta


A crocodile attacked a young tourist at the Marriott Puerto Vallarta hotel in Jalisco. This saurian would be more than 3.5 meters long and attacked the girl, who was staying at this complex.

It was the ABC network that announced that the victim was identified as Kiana Hummel, who reported that the attack took place at midnight while she was on the beach.

The 18-year-old explained that, along with her travel companion, she went to the beach in front of the Marriott hotel, an area that apparently had a restriction sign, but they were not careful and thus the attack of the crocodile .

According to what the young woman herself has related, before reaching the sea the crocodile pounced on her and bit her on the right leg, and then dragged her into the water.

Kiana Hummel said that during the attack she tried to defend herself, so she hit the reptile until it released her. But it did not end there, since the animal attacked her again and then bit her on the ankle.

The crocodile tried to pull the girl again, but at that moment, her partner and four other tourists tried to rescue her; However, it wasn’t until a hotel waiter arrived and hit the reptile with a piece of wood. Only in this way could they save the young woman, who ended up in a hospital in Puerto Vallarta.

This is one of the wounds of the girl attacked by the crocodile seen in detail.

Cocodrilo de más de 3 metros ataca a joven en Puerto Vallarta

“Honestly, I will never forget when the crocodile’s head came out of the water. I was in shock. It was without a doubt one of the craziest and scariest things I have ever experienced, ”said Sarah Laney, one of the witnesses to the terrible incident.


According to the young woman, the paramedics took 45 minutes to get to her, and also the place did not have warning signs due to the presence of crocodiles.

Despite this delicate bite, which caused a tear in the thigh muscles, he assured that the doctors informed him that he will walk again in time. For this reason, his friends started a campaign to raise funds in  GoFundMe with what they will pay for future interventions that he requires.

Once the incident became known, a spokeswoman for Marriott properties in the Caribbean and Latin America told the media that the area in which the incident occurred had a clear warning sign so that tourists did not approach. And there is a photo of it. Although in her defense, the young woman says that she is small, does not look good, and is mostly in Spanish. 

The ABC investigation found that there was already a similar attack in the area in 2018, at the same Marriott hotel in Puerto Vallarta. And let’s not forget that these crocodile attacks have also happened in destinations in Quintana Roo.

That is why it will always be important for tourists to be careful when they go out in these large hotels, especially at night, that they do not ignore the signs. And from the hotels, it does not hurt that guests are always warned about the local fauna, as there may be dangerous animals, such as crocodiles. For now, it seems that the girl lived to tell and will recover, but what a great scare.

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