Advertisers target 15.5 million Mexican gaming market


With a high socio-economic level, a maturity in consumption, gamers represent one of the fastest-growing markets for digital advertising.

The gaming market has not only grown to be the most valuable entertainment industry in the world with revenues in excess of 175,000 million dollars but it is also positioned as one of the most attractive consumer segments for advertising of brands of all.

“Although Latin America still represents a small part of the gaming advertising market, Mexico is leading the trend by positioning itself as one of the markets with the greatest potential, especially on platforms such as Xbox,” said Armando Rodriguez, vice president of Latam at Verizon Media. .

The executive of the division focused on managing the digital and advertising platforms of Verizon Communications explained that in Mexico they work directly with the delivery and distribution of advertising campaigns and marketing actions within the Xbox Live platform of the Microsoft console.

According to Mariana Toledo, director of Strategic Solutions at Verizon Media, the Xbox platform already has more than 100 million active users per month around the world, of which 15.5 million are in Mexico.

“Xbox is not only the number one console in the country but (Mexico) is the third most important market for Xbox after the United Kingdom and the United States,” says Toledo and adds that thanks to the management of the Verizon Media network it can create a profile of the Mexican gamer on the console.

“We are talking about an audience where 60% are men, but we already have 40% women and growing, with an average age of 32 years, 70% of them have children, which represents a good opportunity for advertising as it is an environment family members and they are people of a high socioeconomic level ”, he explains.

The executive explained that in Mexico brands such as Ricolino, EA, Warner Media, Spotify, Netflix, Lexus, Telcel, among others, have already taken advantage of the Xbox platform to advertise products or services.

However, unlike the rest of digital advertising, the executives confirmed that if they want to reach out to gamer consumers, brands have to think intelligently about how to link their services and products with the gaming universe.

A picture of the Mexican gamer on Xbox according to data from Verizon Media

“In Mexico, 75% of Mexican gamers believe that advertising on their console can add value to their experience and 81% consider that if the ads contain value they are more receptive to interacting with them,” says Toledo.

Although Verizon Media executives did not provide numbers on current market value, the global figure behind this trend is anything but small. According to an analysis by Facebook, advertising within video games will reach a value of 56,000 million dollars by 2024 as new generations of gamers join, without losing those users who have been playing for a few decades and who Gaming companies seek to bring their content to mobile platforms either directly or through Cloud Gaming services, such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Google Stadia.

One of the great advantages of digital advertising in games is the level of immersion and attention that the user requires.

“Unlike other activities where the user can be watching TV and browsing on his cell phone at the same time, in gaming he has to put that aside and take control and focus 100% on it”, says Randy Shaffer, senior Director of Xbox Advertising for Verizon Media.

However, Mariana Rocha, EA’s Media Manager, warned that if brands seek to be effective with their campaigns for gamers, it is not enough to simply bring their advertising to the platform.

“I invite you if you are interested in the market to start playing or get to know the video game you want to get closer to, download it, play it so that you understand what value you can give to your gaming experience as a brand,” says Rocha.


Mexico Daily Post