Armed subjects fire gunshots at “Call Center” in Cancun


Armed subjects opened fire on the facade of a house enabled as a ‘call center’, in Superblock 3 of this city, without detainees or injuries.

According to testimonies, three subjects got out of a luxurious black Lincoln SUV, shot several times at the entrance of this place, and withdrew.

At the site, on the corner of Cazón Street and Bonampak Avenue, not more than one mile away from Cancun’s Hotel Zone, agents of the Quintana Roo State Police came to cordon off the area, waiting for the expert reports by the State Attorney General’s Office.

Several women who allegedly work in this place, apparently Cuban nationals, came out of the ‘call center’, to yell at the members of the press who arrived on-site to cover the story, demanding them to leave.

Source: Noticaribe

The Cancun Post