“Inept Government”: Anaya attacks AMLO’s pandemic management


Likewise, the former PAN presidential candidate pointed out that Mexico is the country with the most orphans derived from COVID-19

Ricardo Anaya, the former presidential candidate of the National Action Party ( PAN ), called on the entire Mexican population to be vaccinated, in the face of the danger posed by the new Delta variant of COVID-19, while criticizing, once again, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador for handling the pandemic.

Me da muchísimo gusto ver que nadie le hace caso”: Ricardo Anaya se lanzó  contra AMLO por no usar cubrebocas - Infobae

“The new variant, the Delta, is a real threat. With a president who doesn’t even want to wear a mask, with a government that still doesn’t want to do what is proven to have already worked in other countries, the only way out we have is to take care of ourselves, “he said through a video broadcast on networks social.

In addition, he pointed out that many people still feel confused by everything they have heard about vaccines, but he provided a compelling fact: during the month of July, in the United States, out of every 100 people who died from COVID-19, 99 did not they were vaccinated.

For this reason, among the “things we can and must do” there is an action that is “by far the most important of all: getting vaccinated, ” he insisted.

(Photo: CDMX)(Photo: CDMX)

He also said that thanks to this “inept government”, Mexico is the country with the most orphaned girls and boys, minors are left adrift due to the death of their main caregivers who died due to SARS-CoV-2. He indicated that more than 141,000 small and small are in this situation.

“It gives me a lot of courage, that much of that pain has its origin in this stupidity, ” commented Anaya, at the moment in which a few seconds of one of AMLO’s morning lectures were shown, where he is heard to assert that nothing was happening if people embraced with this lethal disease.

At the end of his message, he expressed respect for people who have a real reason for not being vaccinated, however, he called the population to inform themselves and apply the biological, although there are people who even being immunized contracted the virus.

“Nobody said that with the vaccine you will no longer get sick, what the vaccine prevents is that you get seriously ill or die from COVID, that is, the vaccine practically guarantees that you do not end up in a hospital and practically guarantees that you do not you die from COVID, “he recalled.

(Photo: EFE / Luis Villalobos)(Photo: EFE / Luis Villalobos)

Mexico, first place in orphans by COVID-19

A report in the journal The Lancet, indicated that the numbers of orphans and deaths of caregivers represent “a hidden pandemic” , because until April 30, 2021, it is estimated that one million 134 thousand children, “the death of their primary caregivers, including at least one custodial parent or grandparent ”.

Among them, Mexico stands out as one of the countries with mortality rates for primary caregivers of at least one per 1000 children, along with others from Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Peru).

In this context, Mexico is not only the country with the highest rate of orphans in the American continent but also among all the countries studied with an approximate number of 131,325 orphans.

Of the above, 33,341 were minors who lost their parents; 97, 951 those who lost their mother and only 32 those who would have lost both their mother and father. In addition, there are 4,429 who lost their grandmother from a generation skipped with custody; 5,342 those who lost their grandfather, and 36 those who lost both.

The foregoing would give us a total of 141, 132 losses of their primary caregivers, that is, those parents or grandparents who have custody of the minors in the country.

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