Covid infects a small percentage of tourism workers in Mazatlán


9% of those infected in Mazatlán are employees of the tourism sector

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- Out of 100% of the population infected with Covid-19 in Mazatlán, at least 9% is related to tourist activities, revealed José Ramón Manguart Sánchez.

The president of the Tres Islas Hotels Association stated that what is worrying about this situation is that not all are his responsibility, he even recalled that last year that the pandemic began, some hotels suspended activities; however, the apartments and condominiums were full, because they received guests.

” Of the 100 percent of those infected, it is said that 9 percent are related to tourist activities, but that makes me see things in a different way and the authority will make its decisions, but it is not a matter of government, but of self-responsibility, of us as people, “he said.

He assured that it is no longer a matter of government, but of co-responsibility as individuals, families, and visitors.

” I am not an expert in health matters, but that makes me see things differently, and having all the data and being able to do an analysis, surely the authority will make the decisions, ” he said.

He commented that due to the pandemic, hotel occupancy is reported by 50%, since it has not been able to rebound because infections have increased, therefore, he ensures that balances have to be generated where the city wins.

At 50%, hotel occupancy is maintained in Mazatlán. 

The hotel leader added that it is necessary to close the circle in terms of health protocols, so vacation rentals for condos and apartments should be included.

He added that during the meeting with the municipal and health authorities last Friday, they talked about the formulas that have to be used to lower the infection rates, such as disinfection, reduce capacity, review the issue of vacation rentals.

  • Due to the pandemic, hotel occupancy is reported at 50%, since it has not been able to rebound due to the increase in infections.


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