Murderers of journalist Abraham Mendoza came from Ocotlán, Jalisco


Adrián López, a Michoacán prosecutor, mentioned that the three involved do not have relevant antecedents; assured that in the FGE there is no record that the journalist has been threatened.

Morelia, Michoacan.- The Michoacán prosecutor, Adrián López Solís , reported that the three suspects arrested for the murder of journalist Abraham Mendoza Mendoza are originally from Ocotlán, Jalisco.

The head of the State Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that the communicator died in a direct attack when he was leaving a gym in the Gertrudis Bocanegra neighborhood of Morelia.

In his message, López Solís reported that the crime occurred at one in the afternoon, on Monday, July 19th. After the incident was reported, state and municipal police mobilized in search of those responsible.

He noted that the road crossing La Huerta and Periferico Paseo de la República, three men were arrested: Joseph Wilbert G, Kevin P and G Antonio .

He mentioned that the three implicated said they were originally from the municipality of Ocotlán, Jalisco , and that they do not have relevant antecedents.

Adrián López explained that the detainees were found in possession of four long weapons.

One more journalist murdered in Mexico during the AMLO administration, RIP Abraham Mendoza

The Michoacan prosecutor stated that the institution under his charge follows several lines of investigation, without revealing which ones; although he affirmed that there is already progress in the investigation.

He did not rule out the possibility that the homicide was related to the journalistic activity of Abraham Mendoza, but he clarified that this will be determined by the investigation.

“The investigation protocol obliges us that from the first moment the perspective of the investigation is approached around the journalistic activity. From there, with the exhaustiveness that this type of investigation must be carried out, this assertion can be confirmed or discarded, but it is the starting point, “he said.

At an express question, Adrián López Solís reiterated that the time that has elapsed is very little, so that they can determine the exact motive for the homicide.

He reiterated that the journalistic activity was in which the victim developed and that there is no doubt about his condition, around this performance.

“Therefore, our obligation is to approach this research from that perspective. Apart from this, the principle of exhaustiveness also obliges us to exhaust all lines of investigation, ”insisted López Solís.

Adrián López assured that in the FGE there is no record that journalist Abraham Mendoza had been threatened.

He added that there is no record of Abraham Mendoza having suffered any type of aggression that allows them to link these events with the murder.

Adrián López mentioned that from the arrest of those involved, the FGE has up to 48 hours to present them before a judge, along with the necessary evidence to determine their responsibility.

Source: El Universal

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