57,000 voting tables will open for the consultation to try former presidents


The president of the National Electoral Institute (INE) of Mexico, Lorenzo Córdova, declared on June 27, that the body under his charge will open 57,000 voting tables in the consultation to judge former presidents, which will take place on 1 of August.

In addition, he reported that more than 287,000 people will organize the voting tables. They will be chosen from those who agreed to participate as poll workers in the elections on June 6 and will be trained by 9,360 instructors.

Consultation preparations advance to try former presidents in Mexico

In a video posted on social networks, Córdova said that although the three Powers of the Union (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) “denied him the resources” to organize the popular consultation, the INE will organize “the broadest exercise of citizen consultation that will take place. has been carried out in our history. “

Last Tuesday, July 13th, Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asked citizens to vote in this public consultation, the first in the history of the country to judge the ex-presidents of the “neoliberal period.”

“I am not going to participate in the consultation nor am I going to vote for the presidents to be prosecuted, but neither do I want to go down in history as a cover, as a pimp. The idea is that everyone can make their point of view known, freely”, declared López Obrador.

The question that the people will answer with a plain Yes or NO, and which the Court endorsed in October 2020 is the following:

“Do you agree that actions are carried out in accordance with the legal framework to clarify the political decisions made in the past by political actors and guarantee justice and rights for possible victims?”

As anyone can see, this question does not mention the word ex-presidents at any moment, in fact, many experts have criticized this exercise by stating that is nothing but another trick by Lopez Obrador to manipulate the public opinion, gain more popularity among his millions of followers, and in reality, whatever the result of this referendum is, ex-presidents will remain untouchable.

Source: El Univesal

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