Cartel leader “El Señorón” hands out basic goods and school supplies in Morelos, Mexico


Mexican cartel leader sends his men to hand out basic goods, school supplies and toys to curry favor with local residents after Mexican government offers a USD $ 25,000 reward for his arrest

Francisco Rodríguez reportedly leads the Señorón Cartel, a cell that operates under the Jalisco New Generation Cartel

The Morelos, Mexico, state government announced Monday it was offering a $ 25,000 reward for his arrest

Rodríguez, who is known as ‘El Señorón,’ reportedly responded Tuesday by sending his men to torch a highway billboard that contained a wanted poster

On Wednesday, I allegedly sent his henchmen to two villages in southern Morelos where basic goods and school supplies were handed out

He is wanted on charges of homicide and organized crime.

A cartel leader tested the loyalty of local residents in the south central Mexican state of Morelos by dispatching his henchmen to deliver basic goods, school supplies, and toys after the state government offered a $25,000 reward for his capture.

Francisco Rodríguez, who is known as ‘El Señorón’ as well as ‘Colombian’ and ‘XL,’ reportedly oversees a cell called the Señorón Cartel that operates under the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

He is wanted on homicide and organized crime charges by the government of legendary soccer great Cuauhtémoc Blanco. 

An alleged member of the Señorón Cartel delivers goods to residents in a village in Morelos, Mexico. The Attorney General’s Office for the state of Morelos was looking into the incidents

‘I celebrate the launch of these unprecedented investigation events in the state that strengthen our security strategy,’ Blanco said Monday. ‘Never before has the authority dared to expose the alleged generators of violence with their first and last names.’

The bounty offer was first announced Monday and Rodríguez’s cell responded the next day by attempting to torch a highway billboard that featured a wanted poster with his photo on it.

On Wednesday, Rodríguez reportedly sent out a team of masked men to two villages in the southern area of Morelos.

Photos filtered on social media show rifle-toting cartel members standing in front of a vehicle and giving out plastic bags that featured a white logo with Rodríguez’s nickname and filled with various school supplies.

Women who accompanied the children were also given bags that contained goods.


Morelos Daily Post