Taxi driver is caught on video attacking a woman in Pachuca, Hidalgo (VIDEO)


A security camera captured the moment when a taxi driver assaults a woman in Pachuca .

The incident allegedly occurred on Pino Suárez street, at the height of the Cubitos neighborhood field , and the date on the camera shows Monday, July 12.

The footage shows the taxi driver, license plates A-378-FUH with new colors, descending from the car and hitting a woman who was trying to escape from the passenger seat.

After a few moments, the attacked woman manages to get off, but when trying to escape she is grabbed by the irate subject from her hair, who literally drags her back to the taxi, throws her into the car and hits her again and again.

Later, the man gets behind the wheel, and leaves the victim in the place, visibly affected by the violence displayed by the this coward individual

The video of the cunning attack was uploaded to social networks and has started to go viral, causing outrage among users.

Source: Pachuca Vive

Hidalgo Daily Post