Mexico experiences its fourth wave of refugee applicants in its history

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Mexico is immersed in the fourth wave of refugee applicants in its history, after the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s; what was displaced by the dictatorships of South America in the 70s and recently, in the 80s with the displaced Central Americans, recognized Andrés Ramírez, head of the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees.

In a press conference, he explained that since 2013 this phenomenon began to be observed when 1,296 refugee applications were received, which grew exponentially until 2019 when 70,426 were processed, followed by a decrease in the year of the pandemic, 2020 with 41,133 And now, in the middle of 2021, the statistics shot up to 51 thousand 654 requests, which anticipates that at the end of this year the 100 thousand will be exceeded.

“And from the year 2013, year after year, what is known as this fourth wave of refugees in Mexico has been developing for you, the difference with respect to the others is that it has not stopped, it has been year after year, we are already entering the eighth year just now and on the one hand it has not stopped but on the other hand it has been increasing exponentially and since we are in this administration we have been hit by the peak of the wave, which may not be the peak, at least better it is going to continue growing in an ostensible way, as of 2019 there was enormous growth ”, he revealed.

Regarding nationalities, in first place, he said, are Hondurans, followed by Haitians, Cubans, Salvadorans, and Venezuelans who took advantage of Mexico’s open-door policy, despite the pandemic.

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“By a very clear decision of the Mexican government, the issue of refugees was maintained as an essential activity and at no time did we stop serving the international refugee population.”

“This is very important because we are one of the few countries at an international level that, being consistent and consistent with that tradition of asylum, we kept the doors of the country open and the admission to the refugee status process at all times, which has been recognized at the international level. international ”, he pointed out.

The head of COMAR admitted that the situation of political and humanitarian crisis faced, on the one hand, Haiti after the assassination of its president and Cuba, after years of economic embargo and recent protests, could be a trigger for a greater presence of citizens of these nations requesting refuge, although not in such a way that they can overwhelm the Mexican system.

“It could be that if in this complicated situation, the country (Haiti) is convulsed, anarchic, without a parliament, without a president more people could come, but it would not be too much more than those who are coming from Haiti… Cuba is not a new issue “he said.

Andrés Ramírez reported that, of every 100 asylum applications, 72% achieve formal recognition for protection in Mexico, which has represented in the last 8 years that 62 thousand people are beneficiaries of the refuge.


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