What happens if you drink alcohol after receiving the Covid vaccine?


Experts have warned that consuming alcohol could reduce the effectiveness of the Covid 19 vaccine

Do not drink alcohol or coffee, or eat seafood and pork, recommendation made when you receive the vaccine against Covid-19, but why?

If you are one of those who wonder why they recommend this or what are the consequences of consuming alcohol after being inoculated, you have come to the right place.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is said to alter the composition of microorganisms in the gut that help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

According to the World Health Organization ” under no circumstances should you consume any type of alcoholic beverages as a way to prevent or treat Covid-19 “?

This is because alcohol can interfere with the immune response of vaccines, which directly affects their effectiveness after application.

The recommendations indicate that alcohol should not be consumed two weeks before consuming the first dose, nor 21 days after receiving the second dose, in this way, the human body could produce enough antibodies to be able to act effectively in case of contracting Covid- 19, this is what the WHO experts say.

Since it can take weeks for the body to generate protective levels of antibodies against the new coronavirus after the Covid-19 injection, anything that interferes with the immune response would be cause for concern.

For this reason, if you have already been vaccinated and want to preserve the immunity you received, it is best not to fall into temptation and stop drinking alcohol for at least the minimum time recommended by health authorities.

Mexico Daily Post