Mazatlan’s zero tolerance to stop contagions takes effect, businessmen unify efforts.


Mazatlán after so many days in the ascendancy in covid cases, finally woke up with fewer cases, that is, from 406 to 382, ​​while the rest of the municipalities continue to rise.

After multiple meetings with different productive sectors of the port in conjunction with municipal and state authorities, it was possible to curb the number of infections in the port, the constant rounds of health authorities, civil protection, and inspectors of higher office in businesses has caused that both businessmen As a government, they join forces to stop the third wave of covid and everything seems to indicate that the slap of the Chemist Benítez and the zero-tolerance manifested last week is beginning to show optimistic results.

Today, 65 new cases, 86 recovered and 3 deaths were registered on the platform, decreasing to 382 active cases in the municipality of Mazatlán and placing us in second place at the state level after Culiacán with 1,642.

Our COVID thermometer is located at 55.4 degrees COVID, Red color, for which we invite you to reinforce sanitary measures and protocols, use face masks, keep a healthy distance and avoid crowds.

Our average number of active cases stands at 336 cases in the last 10 days.


The Mazatlan Post