AMLO proposes Aeroméxico to use presidential plane for Mile-High parties and social events


After the meeting at the National Palace with representatives of the United States aviation company, Delta, and directors of Aeroméxico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) declared that he offered them the presidential plane for social events, such as executive trips or parties.

The meeting between Delta, Aeroméxico, and AMLO was held to discuss the restructuring of Aeroméxico’s debt, which fortunately went ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic, since – according to the President – “they have a good association with a company from United States aviation, Delta, and participated in an investment fund, that helped -with the contribution of its workers- to save the company “.

In a morning press conference, the Mexican president mentioned that sometimes it is customary that marriages take place somewhere in the Caribbean and the whole family or guests have to be transferred, “so it could be used for that purpose.”

“I took advantage of the meeting to offer them the plane because Aeroméxico could manage it and use it for business trips or parties,” said AMLO.

Source: Reforma

Mexico Daily Post